Whole Foods - Food is personal

This is an integrated campaign that will bridge the gap between Whole Foods customers and the farmers that participate in the Whole Foods' Whole Trade program.



I hand painted fruits and vegetables on brown recycled paper to make sure that the Whole Trade branding has the same look and feel as that of Whole Foods.




The website is the first step in establishing communication between farmers and customers. Customers will be able to enter in their zip code and search for their nearest Whole Foods market. They can track their favorite food and also get information about their favorite farmers and their farms. Short documentaries will take them on a virtual tour of various farms where they can see Whole Trade practices in effect.


Mobile App

The mobile app will allow customers to set up notifications when tracking their food. The food scanning option will help them make the switch to healthier options by looking up Whole Foods’ vast database of products and finding better alternatives to their favorite food.


In-store advertising

These cards will provide information about where your food comes from. Customers will be able to look up additional facts about farms and farmers online on the website.



Recipe Box + iPad App

These signature recipe boxes will be sent to nutritionists and health experts in order to help spread the word about Whole Foods’ select recipes . Customers can download the iPad app and get access to the same recipes.


Signature Recipes

Whole Foods health experts will provide recipes that will be placed next to product informational cards. Highly recommended ingredients will be highlighted on the cards and customers will be able to collect these recipes along with our recipe box giveaway.



Receipts will provide information about the farms that customers purchased their goods from. A link to the website will let them go online and contact various farms and let them know how they are doing. This will establish communication between customers and farmers.